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How do you help the homeless?

Since we have opened

in 2015, we have been able to house, find jobs for and provide transportation for homeless seeking

a better life in

Laguna Beach.

We are tied to the non-profit Net Works of Laguna Beach Founded by Don Sciortino. For further information, visit the website HERE


How can I learn more about the non-profit?
Do you buy anything other than clothing?

We only take men's and women's clothing, accessories and shoes. We DON'T take work out wear, work attire, swimwear, or undergarments or furniture.

Do you buy anything other than clothing?
Do you buy anything other than clothing?
How do I
make an appointment?

Stop in the shop and we will arrange an appointment with you, or give us a call at

(949) 436-3379

and leave a message!

Can I donate to help the homeless?

Yes! Donations are greatly appreciated! We have donation tags in the shop that you can check out with. Shopping at our store also helps them directly. To contribute to the cause, email us HERE.

What clothes 
should I bring in to sell?

It all depends on what we need in the store at the time of your appointment and the current season that is trending.

What does "trade" mean?

To trade with us means that when we purchase your clothing from you, 50% of that total can be used as store credit instead of you getting

a check.

Do you consign things for people?

We do not do consignment. Instead, the day of your appointment we buy your clothing from you.

Can I donate my clothes instead of selling them?


You can donate clothing anytime without an appointment at

our downtown office and receive a tax

write off form. 

303 Broadway St #107

 Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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